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Professional Flowcharting RFFlow 5
Sample RFFlow Charts and Diagrams This page shows a samples of the many charts, diagrams, and illustrations that can be easily created with RFFlow. To view a chart, click on its picture. 

If you haven't done so already, download the trial version of RFFlow. Once it is installed, you can open a sample chart by clicking on the .flo file name. From there you can zoom in, edit, and print the sample chart. 

Common Chart Types Flowchart Samples Flowcharts

This page includes samples of basic, detailed, deployment, and opportunity flowcharts.


Organization Chart Samples Organization Charts
Root Cause Analysis Chart Cause Mapping and Root Cause Analysis

RFFlow allows you to quickly and easily draw cause maps. You can start with one of these samples and modify it for the problem you are solving.

Cause-Effect or Fishbone Chart Samples Fishbone Diagrams, Cause-And-Effect Diagrams, and Ishikawa Diagrams

A cause-and-effect, fishbone, or Ishikawa diagram helps in identifying possible causes of a problem.
Criminal Analysis Charts Criminal Analysis Charts

Link Analysis, Telephone Toll Analysis, Activity Flowchart, Commodity Flowchart, and Crime Scene.
Block Diagrams and Bar Chart Samples Block Diagrams and Bar Charts

This page includes a block diagram, bar chart, cluster bar chart, circle-spoke chart, checklist chart, comparison chart, connection chart, pyramid chart, and target chart.
Gantt Chart and Project Chart Samples Gantt Charts - Project Schedules
Medical Flowcharts Medical Flowcharts
PERT Chart, Critical Path Method (CPM), Critical Path Analysis (CPA), and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Samples PERT, CPM, and WBS Charts

This page includes PERT, Critical Path Method (CPM), and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) charts.
Cross-functional Process Map Process Mapping

This includes relationship maps, cross-functional process maps, and process flow charts.

Roads and Intersections Roads and Intersections

You can use the stencils in the Transportation folder to draw highway diagrams.

Samples of Timeline Diagrams Timelines
Tournament Charts Tournament Charts

Use these charts to make your own tournament or use them for an office pool.

Software Design Charts Software Design and Modeling

RFFlow can be used to draw many different software design diagrams, including database design, UML, Booch OOD, Express G, Gane-Sarson Data Flow, Martin ERD, Rumbaugh OMT, Shlaer-Mellor OOA, Structure Charts, and Yourdan Data Flow.
HTML Link Chart HTML Link Diagram

Download HTML Link Diagram.flo

Web site structure can be diagrammed to ensure a clean and consistent Web presentation.
System Design Sample of a Network System Design System Design

Download System Design.flo

A system design shows the components and wiring in a network of computers and other devices. RFFlow includes a multitude of shapes for diagrams of this type.
Bus Topology Sample Chart Bus Topology

Download Bus Topology.flo

This system design shows a bus topology using 10BASE2 hardware.
Star Topology Sample Chart Star Topology

Download Star Topology.flo

This diagram shows a star topology using unshielded twisted pair 10BASE-T Ethernet media.
Industry Industrial Design Sample Diagram Process Flow Diagrams

Sample process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation drawings.
An Electronic Circuit Diagram Circuit Diagram

Download Electronic Circuit.flo

RFFlow makes documenting electronics a simple task.
Business Sample of an Office Layout Office Layout

Download Office Layout.flo

RFFlow includes the shapes needed to plan the interior design of office furniture and equipment.
SDL Chart Sample SDL Diagram

Download SDL Diagram.flo

Diagrams that use the Specification and Description Language (SDL) show protocol control for circuit-switched basic calls.
Transportation Chart Sample Transportation Plan

Download Transportation Plan

RFFlow has shapes that can graphically describe plans in commerce and transportation.
Valley Stream Mapping Value Stream Mapping

Download value_stream_1.flo

Value Stream Mapping is used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring a product or service to a consumer.
Mathematics and the Sciences RFFlow's OLE compatibility makes it ideal for illustrating technical and scientific documents. Illustrations printed with RFFlow are photo-ready for publication. 
Math Symbols Math Symbols

Download math-symbols.flo

RFFlow allows you to draw mathematical equations.

Sample of a Venn Diagram Venn Diagram

Download Venn Diagram.flo

Set Theory in mathematics uses Venn Diagrams like this one to depict the proofs of theorems.
Physics Chart Example Mechanics Illustration

Download Mechanics Illustration.flo

This physics diagram shows the flight of a projectile.
Optics Drawing Optics Illustration

Download Optics Illustration.flo

This diagram shows the path of two light rays refracted by the lenses of a Galilean telescope.

Military Symbols

Military Symbols Military Symbols
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