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Upgrade to RFFlow Version 5
The latest release of RFFlow is Version 5.06. If you own RFFlow Version 5.0X, see Version Information. If you own RFFlow Version 1, 2, 3, or 4, see the new features in RFFlow 5 and Version Information.  Users of RFFlow 5.00 through 5.05 can download a free upgrade to RFFlow 5.06.
 Users of RFFlow
1, 2, 3, or 4
You can upgrade each of your licenses of a previous version to RFFlow Version 5 at low upgrade prices. Please provide the registration numbers. If you have a question about how many licenses you have, or don't know the registration numbers, contact us and we'll be able to help you.

When you order your upgrade, you will receive instructions to download RFFlow V5.

Once you purchase the upgrade to RFFlow V5, all upgrades within RFFlow V5 (5.0X) will be free for you to download when they become available.

 RFFlow V5 Products You can purchase the RFFlow V5 License Upgrade for each of your licenses of a previous version. The RFFlow V5 software program includes all the stencils and shapes.
Quantity Cost in US$
RFFlow Software License RFFlow V5 License Upgrade
Product #521-5

Each License includes
A gray dot used as a separator Software license for one user
A gray dot used as a separator RFFlow in-program Help
A gray dot used as a separator RFFlow V5 software download

1, 2, 3, or 4
5 through 24
25 through 99
100 and up
$34.00 each
$26.00 each
$18.00 each
$12.00 each
License Terms The RFFlow software is licensed according to the number of concurrent users. The number of licenses purchased allows that number of people to use RFFlow at the same time. A user owning one RFFlow license is allowed to install the software at work, at home, and on a portable computer, as long as only that person uses RFFlow on these computers. See the RFFlow License Agreement.
System Requirements and Installation RFFlow requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and a Windows-compatible mouse or pointing device. RFFlow can easily be installed on a personal computer and the installation requires less than 10 megabytes of hard disk space.
Free Upgrades RFFlow upgrades within each version number are free and can be downloaded from this Web site.
Guarantee If you are not satisfied with RFFlow, contact RFF Electronics at 970-663-5767 or flow@rff.com for uninstall instructions. Your purchase price will be refunded to you.
Reinstall If you have already purchased RFFlow and need to download and reinstall the software, email rff@rff.com.
RFFlow User's Guide A PDF of the RFFlow User's Guide is available for free at www.rff.com/documentation.
Privacy and Security RFF Electronics is committed to your privacy.  Ordering RFFlow is a safe and secure procedure.  For more information see Privacy and Security.
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