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Download the Free RFFlow Viewer

Free RFFlow Viewer
The free RFFlow viewer allows anyone to open, view and print all RFFlow (.flo) files. It has no expiration. You can also copy and paste the charts from the viewer into other Windows applications.

As an example of how the viewer would be used, someone who owns RFFlow will draw a chart. They want to distribute the chart to others who don't own RFFlow. They might send the chart file as an attachment to an email or put the file on a Web site. The recipient would first download and install the free RFFlow viewer and then will be able to view and print the charts.

Viewing an RFFlow chart is as simple as double-clicking the chart file (.flo). The RFFlow viewer will open and display the chart. You can then scroll around the chart and zoom in and out. You won't be able to add to the chart or edit any text, but you will be able to view the chart, move it, print it, and copy and paste it into other applications like Microsoft Word.

RFF Electronics guarantees that the RFFlow viewer contains no adware, spyware, viruses, keyloggers, trojans, malware, or anything malicious.
Download the RFFlow Viewer
Downloading the RFFlow viewer will take a few seconds on a fast connection and a few minutes on a modem. If you are new to downloading, you may want to print this page.

  1. Click here to download the file RFFlowViewer.exe.
  2. RFFlowViewer will be saved to your download folder.
  3. After downloading, find RFFlowViewer and run it or open it. RFFlow setup will run.
  4. In the "WinZip Self-Extractor" dialog box, click Setup.
  5. Follow the instructions in setup.
  6. If you get a message that says you have to be an administrator to install software, you should right-click on RFFlowViewer in step 3, click "Run as", and supply the credentials of an administrator.
  7. After the installation is complete, run the RFFlow viewer by clicking the Windows Start button, and scroll to RFFlow.
Support for RFFlow
If you need assistance in downloading the RFFlow viewer or have questions about using the software, please call us at 970-663-5767 or send an email message to help@rff.com.
See Sample Charts and Templates
After installing the viewer, you can download sample charts from our Web site and modify them for your needs.

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