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Deployment Flowchart

Deployment Flowchart

This deployment flowchart shows the steps needed to bring a new product to the marketplace. The tasks are listed in order and are placed in one of the three columns: Research & Development, Production & QA, or Marketing.

Deployment flowcharts highlight places in a process where work moves from one group or person to another. This is often where the problems occur.

A deployment flowchart combines two key features:
The shapes used in drawing a deployment flowchart are the same as those in a standard flowchart with a few of additions.
Assist Circle
The assist circle is a white circle in a column. It means that assistance is provided by that column. For example, in the chart above, Marketing assists with step 2. If you are providing assistance, you are helping out, but not in charge.
More Details are Available
A rectangle with a shadow indicates that there exists a more detailed flowchart for this step.
Meetings are denoted by using in a rounded box. The box would extend across all the columns that took part in the meeting or be listed in each column.
A Bridge
When two lines cross, you can use a bridge to show that there is no intersection. Usually when lines cross, the control flow continues straight along the line so bridges are often not used.
Drawing Instructions
First download the free trial version of RFFlow. It will allow you to open any chart and make modifications.

Once RFFlow is installed, you can open the above chart in RFFlow by clicking on product_deployment_flowchart.flo. From there you can zoom in, edit, and print this sample chart. It is often easier to modify an existing chart than to draw it from scratch.

To draw this chart without downloading it, run RFFlow and click on the More Shapes The More Shapes Button button.

Scroll to the Flowcharting folder and click the plus sign to open it.

Click the Deployment (Functional) stencil and then click the Add Stencil button.

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